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Final Check's fees are very reasonable and may represent a small percentage of the investment you have already made (in time, effort and expense) to get your document to its final draft stage.

Because the time taken to proofread a large document containing only one or two errors may be the same as that required to review and report on a smaller document containing many errors, we calculate our fees on an individual basis, according to the following:

- Size of your document.

- Service level requested.

- Timeframe for completion of the work.

For example:

A small business with a simple five page web site requests Final Check's copy editing service. Their site is found to contain two significant errors. The fee for this service is $120.00.

A local council has a 40 page strategy that requires proofreading only. This is provided at a cost of $480.00.

A company requests a copy edit of its 60 page annual report, which is found to contain many errors. The total cost is $1,600.00.

If you would like more information, please Contact Us or complete our user-friendly Quotation Request.

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