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The team at Final Check Proofreading Service combine tertiary business qualifications with over 15 years of practical business experience to provide a straightforward proofreading service for businesses.

Final Check was established in response to the ever-increasing number of business communications that are poorly written or contain simple, but unnecessary, errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. We give our clients that 'somewhere to go' when they need to know that their written communications are of the highest quality possible, ensuring the image they present to their clients is one of complete professionalism.

Because our approach stems from a business background, Final Check understands the need for flexibility when reviewing the business communications of our various client groups. We regard the written word as a working tool for businesses, to be used by our clients in the way that best fits their particular audience. Consequently, we readily adjust between the differing styles of writing our clients use.

With a keen eye to detail, honest and open approach, and true understanding of the many demands facing businesses today, the team at Final Check can ensure you are getting the most from your business communications.


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